Standard Bank Jobs Opportunity for a year for 2024

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Standard Bank Jobs  Group. Find Great Talent with Standard bank Career Pages. | powered by Smart Recruiters | Find Great Talent with a Career Page . Standard bank is one of the top banks in the country that offers banking and financial services to individuals, businesses, institutions and corporations. Standard Bank also offers jobs, learnerships, internships, jobs for graduates, graduate programmes and even bursaries. Apply for standard bank jobs now

Standard Bank is a prominent Financial Service Provider (FSP) in South Africa, located in multiple regions across the country and assisting millions of citizens with managing their money and fulfill their banking needs. 

Standard Bank Services

Standard bank aims to provide financial support to both corporate and commercial clients, and deliver sound risk management practices.

Clients can conduct their personal banking with Standard Bank, but also their business banking, as Standard Bank is also providing business administrative support, and ensure effective business functions.

Standard Bank operates on digital platforms as well, meaning the group has had to implement security technologies that are strong and effective a safeguarding the personal information of clients. 

The financial institution also employees a helpful team in the call centre environment that assist in gathering customer insights, monitoring and auditing calls, sell relevant bank products, redirecting clients to Senior Executives and provide support where they can, thus developing strong customer loyalty.

Standard Bank employees have a strong focus on making sure to maintain ethical standards and integrity in their daily operations, to mitigate legal risks and maximise approval rates of the business amongst its customers.

Why You Should Apply For A Standard Bank Job

At Standard Bank, the company is committed to helping their people develop and grow, working hard to provide an environment where employees can get all the support, training and experience needed to flourish, both professionally and personally.

Most recently, Standard Bank has partnered with three of the world’s biggest brands – Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce – to launch a skills academy to develop critical engineering skills across Africa. 

By completing structured training and using personalised learning platforms, full time employees will be able to learn new skills and keep pace with the fast-changing digital world of work, and have access to a wide range of opportunities. 

With Standard Bank’s online learning platform, My Learning, employees will have their own customised development pathway, tailored to their unique skills, role, and development goals.

Standard Bank can also assist with funding an employee’s membership of professional associations or provide them with funding for academic development through the group’s Bursary Programme.

Standard Bank Jobs

There are a number of full time job positions an employee can fill when employed at Standard Bank. Some of these full time Standard Bank jobs that candidates can take up include:

  • Assisting Manager
  • Service Desk Manager
  • Account Management Consultants
  • Risk Execution Manager
  • Account Managers
  • Call Centre Agent
  • Bank Teller
  • Regional Head
  • Team Leader
  • Financial Analyst
  • Branch Manager 
  • RTB Operational Specialist 
  • TPFA Sales Consultants
  • Original Engine Manufacturer 

The qualifications and experience needed for each Standard Bank job position depends on the job requirements and the job description.

Some of the available Standard Bank jobs don’t require you to have extensive knowledge or education of the position, so there’s no harm in applying for vacancies which could hopefully end up resulting in a job offer. 

The job requirements will likely be listed on the Standard Bank website where vacancies are listed. Make sure to add the vacancy into your Job Cart.

How To Apply Jobs At Standard Bank

  1. Visit the Standard Bank career site via a web browser
  2. Sign up/log in to your account
  3. Browse available vacancies
  4. Once you’ve found the job you want, add it to your Job Cart and hit apply. Follow the prompts and you’re all set!

Take note of application dates so that you can apply on time.

You will need to create an account in order to apply for Standard Bank jobs. It is your responsibility to check that you have captured your important information correctly when applying, so that potential employers can reach you easily and offer you a job opportunity.

Take into account that some of this information that employers can ask for may include a cellphone number, email address, home address, your education history, your previous employment history, and (depending on the job) a portfolio of your previous work. All of this is important in following the recruitment process, procedures and systems. 

Inconsistencies relating to an outdated phone number or email address, or your previous employment history, may steer employers away from hiring you and won’t present a positive view of you as an employee.

You can also search for a Standard Bank branch in your community or city, and visit in-person to ask about job vacancies and find out about application details. A consultant will be able to help you; there is a high possibility of there being several Standard Bank branches in each province.

You can search for Standard Bank vacancies based on country, province, city, region or job sector. You can also type in keywords such as “Teller” or “Consultant” to refine your search on the systems. 

If you do not find anything that you are interested in at the moment, you can always return to the site at a later stage and receive vacancy alerts, as your data that you had to input will be stored on the bank’s systems.

Remember to keep track of submitting your application to Standard Bank. If you do hear back, and have been granted an interview, make sure to prepare as much as you can. 

How To Prepare For A Job Interview

An upcoming job interview can make you feel nervous and stressed and remain cool under pressure the next time you are asked to attend an interview.

Be positive

If you go into the interview room with a positive mind set you are more likely to be relaxed and succeed.

Remain calm

Of course preparation is still the most important aspect of the interviewing process. There’s nothing like preparation for making interviews go better, for giving you confidence and relaxing your nerves. Excessive nervousness before an interview may be a sign that you are poorly prepared.

Do your research

Do your research, know the job, know the company, know yourself and the people that are interviewing you. 

Be aware of your body language

Applicants should be cognisant of their body language and presentation. Lean forward, smile, make eye contact and be sure to shake everyone’s hand with a firm handshake. Shaking hands with the interviewer will set the tone for the rest of the interview. 

Ask questions

Ask questions, however not in the conventional way. Ask questions for clarification during the interview. Questions like ‘is that what you mean’ or ‘did I answer that question in full’ or ‘what have you found to be effective when this situation has occurred’ are good examples. 

Wrap up

Wrap up the interview by obtaining feedback. Ask how well you did and confirm that you’ve answered all their questions and that they have no objections. Reiterate your interest in the position and conclude with a brief summary of your qualifications and why you are the best person for the job.

Please note: the Standard Bank organisation will never ask for any money during the recruitment process. If you experience this, contact their Fraudline on 0800 222 050 or email

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